Your Office Design Matters – Here’s Why

Cool office spaces are all the rage lately. But it seems to be more than just a fashion. Research has demonstrated that the way an office looks really does affect productivity. Of course, some have taken it too far. If you Google images for ‘coolest offices’, you will see one thing after another, one more whacky than the next. But then, there are those CEOs who have clearly made it their business to create something modern and cool, but that works in their favor as well. For Charles Phillips Infor’s affair was first and foremost to have happy employees, and he has designed his headquarter offices accordingly. So why does it matter at all? Here are five important reasons.

1. An Office Is Where a Team Spends Most of Their Time

Imagine living in a home that is decorated in a way that you detest. How would you feel there? Most of us would do everything to get away. The same is true for offices. People spend a great amount of time there, and they have to like what is around them, so that they feel more comfortable.

2. Talented People Will Look You Up

For Charles Phillips, Infor is about design and beauty. He is always looking to attract new talent, and he is very much aware of the fact that potential hires will Google his offices before deciding whether or not to apply. He wants to make sure that they see something that embodies Infor’s overall vision: that it is a thing of beauty.

3. Clients Care

When a client walks into an office, they form an impression of the company by what is around them. Again, looking at Infor, the visitor area is right next to the open plan executive office, meaning they are right next to the people who make the decisions. It is also beautifully and comfortably designed, again making it clear that Infor is all about beauty.

4. Your Office Reflects Your Values

If your office is drab and old, with dying plants, peeling wallpaper, and broken floor tiles, you project a value of not caring if something goes into disarray. This means you probably don’t care if your staff does the same. Similarly, if you can’t look after your plants, how could you possibly look after your team? Entering Infor’s headquarters, every single item has been handpicked by Phillips himself. Just like every member of the executive team has been handpicked. Those are the company’s values, and they are clear to see.

5. Design Drives Culture

If your office is designed in a thoughtful way, then your culture must be that you are thoughtful as well. Again, this is important for Infor, who create enterprise software that is beautiful, functional, and easy to use, and the office reflects this. It is nothing short of stunning, but designed in such a way that people can easily do their job, and do it properly as well.

Clearly, office design is incredibly important.

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