What’s Cheaper UPS Or USPS?

The best thing about using a shipping service you can trust is the fact that you know you are getting a great deal every single time you send something using their service. It is an unfortunate fact of life that we have to send items to different people around the United States. Whether you are sending items for business or personal reasons, it is all about finding a service that gives you the best value for money. You have to spend the money, it is inevitable, but you can decide if you are spending the money on a service that is worthwhile or not. But is USPS cheaper than UPS? We aim to find out.

So two of the companies that people choose for shipping services are UPS and USPS. They are both prominent names in the shipping world, especially where the United States is concerned. But how do they compare? UPS offers a number of different services, with their cheapest being the UPS Ground shipping service. It takes between five to seven days for items to get delivered when you use the UPS Ground service, but you also do not have to pay a significant amount of money to use the service.

UPS also offers more expensive services, such as their three-day, two-day and one-day deliveries. But these services are priced fairly high, especially if you are an individual or small business sending items to people around the country. You cannot really afford to spend huge amounts of money on these services, even if you are getting three to one-day deliveries.

What’s Cheaper UPS Or USPS?

So what does USPS offer in contrast to UPS? They offer a flat rate shipping service called Priority Mail. With Priority Mail, you are getting one to three-day delivery times within a reasonable price range. Even if you are sending items from one coast to another, you can expect them delivered within two or three days, and you will pay the same reasonable price each and every time. It is one of the best services you can imagine if you are an individual sending items to people in different parts of America.

But what does UPS do better than USPS? One of the reasons businesses use UPS is because they offer better guarantees for their delivery. You are paying a lot of money for the privilege, but if you can guarantee to your customers that they will receive an item by 11AM or 12PM on the next day, they do not mind paying those high prices. UPS is great for sending items that are a huge priority for customers, or contain perishables that cannot wait three or more days before getting delivered.

How To Know What’s Cheaper UPS Or USPS?

So the question you must ask is who is your target audience? Are you sending to people who do not mind paying more for a more efficient service, or are you sending to customers to treat value as the most important factor for shipping? If it is value you want, USPS is the way to go. But UPS has its benefits for fast delivery needs. An easy to find out for sure for every shipment you plan on sending, especially if you are operating an online store and send a lot of shipments, is to use a shipping software that has a rate comparison tool built into the interface. This can instantly inform you which carrier offers the best rate. If you are just shipping a standalone package and do not run a store, you can also view the live rates by looking each provider up online.

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