Way to Download YouTube Songs Using FLVTo Downloader


Sometimes it so happens that you are in love with a video song that you wish was not available on your device. You don’t want to log on to YouTube or any other video song library, search for the song and finally play it every time you want to hear it. So, you wish there were a Downloader that would help you at such times.

FLVTo perfectly suits your need. It is just the tool that you would need to download the YouTube songs and play it on your device. The question is how can you download a song using the FLVTo player? Well, here’s your guideline to download your favorite video using the FLVTo downloader.

  • Whatever kind of music you are looking for, youtube is the perfect place to begin and end the search. You will find all kinds of music available on this platform
  • Now let’s see you have finally found the video you love. Remember, YouTube has a lot of versions of a particular song. Try and find the one that is authentic and pretty much looks like the one you were looking for.
  • Once your search for the song ends, you can begin the process of downloading it using any of the convertors or downloaders.
  • It works a little different for FLVTo. So lets get started about how it happens with this one
  • Once you have the song, the authentic one, that you are planning to download, click on the share tab that is seen below
  • On clicking the share button, you would get a link, the YouTube link. Now, you need to copy this link. This is the link to the video you have just been watching
  • A brief introduction on FLVT0! It is a YouTube to mp3 convertor that will help you get a song file that can be played across devices. After all MP3 is a format recognized by almost all devices
  • So, you need to go to to get your YouTube file converted to mp3 format
  • In the download tab, paste the YouTube link you just copied. You will see a convert to MP3 tab just below the place where you pasted the download link. Click on it to begin the conversion
  • After a single note is downloaded, the tab will show up again. You will need to press it for another note to get downloaded. A note would come up asking if you want to run the file or save it
  • Click on save for the download to finally begin. It will get saved on the default path that you have mentioned. Make sure to change the path in case you want it saved in a different place
  • Now you can copy that file to your iPod, iPhone or any player and get started
  • Nothing can keep you away from your favorite music
  • You can even download flvto converter to save time on online downloads, that is if you wish to


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