Twitter And Business In Internet

Twitter lately has become a very special phenomenon. People talk about Twitter in all forums and each time I can, because this site Microbloging has become fashionable and this I think there is no going back.

But first as born Twitter was created based on a group of people working together on a project and needed to keep in touch and know each other was doing at all times, have a rapid and almost instant communication, and thus was born this Web 2.0 tool .


Then this network expands to become what we now know as Twitter.

Twitter is basically a site that answers the question “what are you doing now?” and the vast majority of people are using it to answer that question.

On Twitter Really daily comments like “I’m reading the newspaper” , “eating with my friend in a restaurant” , “very cold here today” , etc.. etc. This is very well informed to have your friends and family, but honestly, my bores me personally that people are telling me what you are doing at all times.

The point of Twitter for those who are in network marketing is to understand that Twitter is a tool for real-time communication with our prospects.

Personally I always try to communicate and have good content on Twitter, and that’s my advice for those who use it in Network Marketing. When I publish a new post on my blog for example, I tweeted, or some time before giving a lecture about my business, I communicate to my fans, or if I find a new online resource that I think is interesting for people follow me, I send via Twitter.

Twitter is used intelligently to keep the interest of the people who follow you, who do it for something because you consider it a expert in your niche or a person with a lot of knowledge in your field.

In your followers interested news’ve seen them, you’re doing on the Internet, you’re working, you’re posting on your website, etc.. etc.

One thing you should do is encourage anyone from any web site or blog to follow you on Twitter. Why?. Because well used Twitter is a very powerful marketing tool is a Web 2.0 tool that lets you instantly interact with people who follow you. But remember, you have to give them a reason to be your followers (followers) and not make the mistakes.

Today companies are using Twitter to interact with their customers and members of your niche because this means instant communication, some musicians use Twitter to promote their albums, and also in many other fields. Buy Twitter Followers Review to make your page more effective for your business.

So, if you are aware of what it can bring you this well used tool, will enter the world of Twitter.

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