The Festive Season Is Coming up and You Need to Focus Your Marketing

The festive season is only just around the corner, so now is the time to make sure that your pay per click (PPC) advertising is working properly. This means that you have to get your advertisement campaign focused, have your budget ready and make sure that you know which keywords to use. This will guarantee your online success.

Managing an Effective PPC Campaign for the Holiday Season

First of all, did you know that 25% of customers buy in the month of October? And a further 50% buy in November? This means that you have to get ready now if you want to reach your sales targets. If you are not yet working with a PPC management company, find one today, in other words.

First of all, you have to focus on your budget. You don’t want to underspend at this time, because now is when you get results. Additionally, think about when customers will be online to shop, which tends to be predominantly in evening times. Your budget should go up around the month of October and you should keep it there until the New Year. Your budget in November should be slightly higher than October, and slightly higher still in December.

Make sure you monitor your progress every single day. You may usually only monitor weekly, or even less frequently, but daily is needed in this busy time period. This will give you the opportunity to make changes as and when needed. After all, the festive season is relatively short.

Focus during your monitoring on which URLs are the most popular, and adjust your budget so that they get the most money. If you find that multiple URLs are working really well, then you might want to give up on a few others so that you can focus specifically on those.

PPC advertising is all about timing things right in a focused way. Yet, you also have to have the right message. Hence, speak to your consultant to find out whether timed adverts could work for you. Things like offering a limited time only discount can be highly effective if you are guaranteed to be able to reach the right people.

When you work with your consultant, you also have to remember that about 50% of shoppers go to stores they have not been to before. Hence, don’t focus solely on targeting the customers you already have on your database, but also on attracting new customers. During the holiday season, people want to buy new and unique things, after all.

Finally, make sure that you get your keywords right. This is absolutely vital during the holiday season in particular. Your PPC management consultant should be able to perform extensive keyword analysis for you, so that you can make sure that you will get the best results. Do keep your eye on the ball, however, by monitoring whether the results they promise are actually being delivered.

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