Prepare your Business for the Possibilities of 5G Networking

Each new wave of technology brings with it an array of fresh opportunities for businesses. The launch of 4G networks meant that online businesses could reach out to consumers via mobile websites and apps to a degree that was not possible in the past. Online service have become faster, more streamlined, and more accessible. So what will happened when 5G rolls around? The speed of this new type of network is said by some to be the final push we need for technology like the Internet of Things and virtual reality, now just in their infancy. But there are a number of ways that 5G could benefit everyday small businesses, particularly those online. Here’s how to prepare for what’s coming.

How will 5G be different?

At the moment, it’s not entirely clear what 5G will look like. What we do know is that it will be far faster than 4G – potentially as much as 1000 times faster. What many are even more excited about is the fact that 5G will be much more reliable. With an increasing number of mobile and computing devices connecting to networks, the network must grow along with this demand. For 5G to work, this resilience will be built into the network from day one. There are numerous developers working on the logistics. For example, 5G from Nokia Networks will use small cells to cope with demand.

Potential benefits to businesses

Increased speed and reliability brings with it new benefits for your business. You can communicate more effectively with your clients abroad, without dropped calls. The speed of a 5G network would enable 3D holographic calls, a shorter commuting time thanks to smart cities, and a more efficient office. Data transfer speeds would be nearly instantaneous, meaning that you can enjoy real-time updates that will improve your targeted marketing to consumers. You can see just how consumers interact not only with your website, but with the products that you sell, with data transmitted instantly back to you. This allows businesses to create better, more highly targeted products with a higher ROI. It also opens up a new world of online marketing possibilities given the more efficient feedback.

How can you prepare?

5G will undoubtedly offer an array of possibilities to businesses when it arrives, but one thing to remember is that it’s not going to suddenly appear all at once. This technology is going to be tested and rolled out in stages, and probably won’t be available until at least 2020. A lot of work still has yet to be done, including agreeing on a global standard for one. In the meantime, you can start preparing your business for this future, including focusing on virtualisation. Move processes to the cloud, which allows you to scale up or down as needed. As you move your business to the cloud, you should also work on security so that you can cope with the unique challenges of millions of new connected devices all entering the same space. Make sure your business data is securely protected, and keep up to date with the latest software versions.

Think about how 5G could potentially impact your business now, and you’ll be ahead of the game when it finally arrives. This will ensure a smooth transition to the new network.

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