PokemonGo Players Should Buy an iphone 6 case

With the new PokemonGo craze sweeping the world, players of the mobile app should invest in a strong and durable phone case for their iPhone 6s; iphone 6 cases are good for any player attempting to earn their title as a Pokemon Master.

It is inherent that players of the popular PokemonGo app will eventually find themselves walking around somewhere that is dangerous for their phone, be it a rocky path or even a place with stairs – but in order to be safe of mind when playing your app, PokemonGo players should house their iphone 6s in a case that is built to last.

Not to mention stylish, phone cases come in a variety of patterns and colors to match any aesthetic feel, or even to show your support to your PokemonGo team. However, outranking style are a few important features and reasons as to why you should always put a case on your phone.

Why You Should Use a Phone Case
– On average, a phone case usually runs around $35 for a good, reliable phone case. On the other hand an iPhone 6 runs around $650. Spending a little extra money for a case that is specifically designed to protect your expensive mobile device is the best option.
– The iPhone 6 is so thin and light a single drop from a moderate height, as in using your phone to play PokemonGo can severely damage your phone.
– Cases protect your phone from many things, especially the delicate technology on the inside of your phone. Screens can be replaced; the hardware inside your mobile device cannot, at least at a cheap and reasonable price.

What Can Cases Do For Your Phone?
– Some cases are made of shock-blocking technology, this is the same technology that professional athletes trust in order to help reduce their risk of injury.
– Absorbs and disperses the energy of impact on your mobile device.
– Allows you to keep a low profile and thin design on your iphone so that you can keep all the aesthetic power of your 
high-tech phone, but protect it at the same time.

When you spend hours looking at your phone and less attention at your surroundings, it is best to get a iphone 6 cases that has grippy sides and unequaled shock technology to protect your phone as you walk around and collect ‘em all.

So remember, before you PokemonGo go and buy iphone 6 cases.

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