Essentials of Market Research for Startups

The primary purpose of market research for startups is to determine scientifically the viability of the business concept and model being proposed. The three key elements that are studied through such research are – the market, the competition and the customer. A well conducted market research will provide practical insights which are essential for the […]

Hi-Tech Gadgets Boost Productivity And Change Lives

Hi-tech gadgets have a strong impact on our lives. With innovation and creativity new devices are being created which are transforming our lives by making our tasks simple and easy. Smartphones have revolutionized the way we communicate. With the advent of smartphones, it has become easier to stay in touch with our loved ones. We […]

Future of Mobile Apps

The world of apps has changed hands raised transformation of the mobile industry and applications largely have been participants in achieving this. And it is almost impossible to turn to see the impact they have made ​​applications on smartphones and tablets, a few days ago Google celebrated25 billion downloads and Apple is not far behind. […]

Twitter And Business In Internet

Twitter lately has become a very special phenomenon. People talk about Twitter in all forums and each time I can, because this site Microbloging has become fashionable and this I think there is no going back. But first as born Twitter was created based on a group of people working together on a project and […]

Competition Promotes Better Services

The telecommunications industry is a competitive sector. There are always special offers and introductory promotions aimed at getting subscribers to switch to another service. The approach that companies have used to increase business has often drawn criticism. Some have even used practices that actually leave consumers unsettled by the whole concept of a telephone when […]