Intertwining SEO and Social Media

The terms social media and SEO have been circulating on the online world lately. Some social media experts even insisted that these two are connected. Business owners have also bought this notion and have been using SEO strategies in their social media marketing. The more you understand about this concept and the importance of their relationship, the more you will appreciate and exert more efforts to get better results.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a widely-used method to promote online presence and bring exposure to one’s business. If you have not tried to use this marketing method, then it is safe to categorize your business as obsolete and outdated. Social media marketing is the newest and trendiest marketing strategy, especially in the age of advance technology.

There several social media platforms that you can take advantage freely such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, and much more. You can even incorporate blogging as another tool to let people be aware of your business. With social media, you will never run out of resources to promote and advertise your services and crafts online.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a crucial part of every online marketing campaign. It is the approach used by SEO experts to optimize your website and improve its visibility and position on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). It is critical to note that the position your website is on the SERP plays a vital role in building good online visibility. The SEO specialists from C1 Partners are experienced in putting together and implementing creative SEO strategies which are designed to improve your website’s visibility, as well as the ranking on the SERP.

Intertwining SEO and Social Media

Everybody knows that these two have a strong connection and are both essential to attain online success.

A good SEO strategy needs to be partnered with a strong social media marketing campaign. According to the experts at C1 Partners: “Social media is a powerful tool, whatever your business goals are, the industry you belong to, or the market you want to conquer.”

The different social media platforms are useful tools for people to share information, ideas, and pictures across different countries. A lot of these social contents utilize SEO to get better results. To understand more on how they are intertwined, please read on the strategic points below:

  • Social likes, shares, comments, and mentions

The number of likes, shares, comments, mentions your page get on all your social media accounts actually serves as your SEO strategies. Think of it as your optimization method to create traffic and exposure which helps you boost your presence online. The more people who like, share, comment, and mention your page, the more credibility points are added to your account, which can do good to your SEO value.

  • Hashtags in your social content

Choosing the right hashtags for your social media posts is pretty much the same thing as using the right keywords in your web content. Both can significantly help your page or site display more visibility. The more people are aware of your business, the more possibilities of them visiting your site. This means that you have a good chance of having high conversion rate.

  • Your audience in social media is an essential factor when planning your SEO strategy. Check if your target market is logged in into Google; otherwise, traditional search engine results are best for them.

Social SEO Action Tips

  1. Make use of Google+ and share your content through it. Utilizing Google+ is a good strategy to build your SEO value as this is backed by Google itself. Having other people from Google+ to share and mention your posts also helps create good traffic to your account.

  2. Include links from your other social content in your FaceBook and Twitter posts. Links are proven social media metrics in an SEO perspective.

  3. Share your website’s contents and blogs to all your social media platforms. The more shares you get; the more social media activities you have.

  4. If your target audience is not into mainstream social media platforms, you can still use Google+ and Google My Business page to share relevant content through the traditional search results.

  5. You can also encourage more people to +1 your Google content for a more credibility value.

Social media has become the newest nest wherein people can creatively inject SEO-patterned traffic to secure the most coveted online success.

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