Do it Right- Hire an AV Team for Your Business

Imagine the following scenario:

After a great tour with potential clients at the corporate headquarters of RegreTech Corp., they were just about to close a fantastic deal. All that remained was a live demonstration of their new, unreleased software product. Sales, engineering, support, and executives from RegreTech all gathered in that crowded meeting room, anxious to show their soon-to-be new customer just what they had flown in to witness.

topPre-sales analyst Tricia Gilbert was prepared, she had tested the live web demo at her desk well in advance. She opened her laptop with a flourish as she laughed and chatted with the visiting executives, making them feel comfortable and at home. She plugged in the connectors attached to the room’s audio-visual system and then brought up the window for the web conference they needed: the application’s developer was going to do a walk-through (a live demonstration) from Mumbai. This walkthrough would be projected onto the wall behind Tricia, with live audio interaction with the author of the code himself. If this didn’t close the deal, nothing would.

Tricia pressed button on her laptop that would enable the projector and the external audio, and then, nothing happened. No visuals appeared on the wall behind her, no sound came from the speakers in the ceiling above: absolutely nothing at all.

Tricia fiddled with the projector, becoming more and more nervous as the time quickly elapsed. After a while, she gives up trying to make it work, and they simply attempt to complete their presentation without the live demonstration. Of course, the presentation fails and they lose their potential client due to the embarrassing, unprofessional, error their technology cost them.

Don’t let this unthinkable blunder happen to you or your business. Hire an AV team for your business that will competently and efficiently set up any and all equipment your business might rely on. If you’re from Ontario, Toronto-based LineTech AV is one of the most recommended AV companies in southern Ontario. The cost of hiring a Torontoaudio visual team is nothing compared to the risks of going it alone. When a potential sale is on the line, you need to have every confidence in your ability to pull off a demonstration with the right impact, and to do so seamlessly. Check out Linetechav.com for more information on what can be done for you and your company. One of the real values of having the right Toronto audio-visual team for your corporate AV needs comes in the confidence it provides. You should never have to wonder whether your equipment is going to work today: it should work every day.

Today, we work in a highly-connected world that demands the best from our technology. If you want your business to succeed, you need to remain alongside the cutting edge of technology, so that you are edged out by your competition, or even worse, deemed irrelevant. Your clients will expect you to have state-of-the-art telepresence capability, now taken for granted in most offices. Don’t let your business fall behind the times – the right audio visual team can optimize interoffice communications, facilitate the use of offshore resources, and help keep remote employees engaged and on the job.

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