Design beautiful e-commerce websites with the best Shopify responsive themes

As long as e-commerce is concerned, the site’s design always plays a key role because it is the design of the site which can either make or break your site. Sales can either convert in a profitable manner or fall flat. If you’re new into forming such a business, you must be eager to get your new site running as soon as possible, but it is important for you to ensure that choose the best e-commerce platform and the most appropriate theme for your site.

Shopify is one of the leading e-commerce platform which ha abundance of ecommerce Shopify themes to choose from. If you’re not sure about the best ones that you may choose for your site, here is a list that is worth considering.

#1: MyShop

MyShop is one of the most popular e-commerce themes that are used by the website designers. It is an entire package of more than 13 variants with product page, listing, shopping card and blog variants which features striking layout. In case you’re watching out for a flexible e-commerce theme which can set an impact, this is the one to choose. With the large number of features like rich snippets, color swatches, and many other things, this is the one that can create the best impact.

#2: Shopier

This ecommerce theme, Shopier started off as a WooCommerce theme and after gaining huge success, it was brought into the Shopify’s world. It is the best one to leverage everything that Shopify has to offer, like few stylistic options that are suited for various online stores. Regardless of whether you’re selling electronics or perishable goods or perfume, Shopier has the best possible theme for you.

#3: Fastor

Fastor is touted to be a multi-purpose theme which has got several updates unlike its original version. Currently it is faster with less complexity and it supports all sorts of Shopify features. You have the freedom of choosing from multiple skins, including the ones that have been recently added to it. The Fastor team has also released documentation with online video tutorials.

#4: Jasper

There are 6 main layouts in Jasper and each of them is combined with boxed variants. Besides, there are all options there through different sections of Shopify. The product pages are especially interesting and it comes with a wide range of gadgets like popups, quick view, currency switcher and scrolling. With Jasper, you can add motion to the overall design.

#5: YourStore

This is the winner of 2016 Most Wanted competition held by Envato and since then, YourStore has moved on to be called the largest selling theme from Shopify. With more than 22 premade layouts, you’re able to combine different footers, headers and checkout variants with which you can build the store according to your wish.

Therefore, before you begin with an e-commerce site, make sure you choose the best theme from the above mentioned list. The one that suits your products and services should be chosen.

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