CyanogenMod Is Now Available For Android Audience

If you are passionate about smartphones and tablet, especially the ones running the Android operating system, you have surely tried at some point to install a custom ROM using some latest Android tips and hints. Whether that went well or not, whether you were pleased with the result or not that much, you most certainly have enjoying being able to use an open source operating system of a beautiful complexity that only Android OS can provide. Reaching the 4.4 version called KitKat, the Android operating system has nothing but fans all over the world.

If up until now the procedure that you had to follow in order to install a custom ROM on your Android phone has pretty complicated, there is one extra reason for you to want to turn to this operating system or to use it even further. The CyanogenMod developers have created an installer that deals with all the dirty work so the operation is pretty much stress free for you from now on. They have dealt with the activation of the ADB bridge, they have installed a custom recovery and they have covered the aspect of installing the official ROM with CyanogenMod.

There are some things to know before you install CyanogenMod if you have never done this before:

  • Remember to always create backups of your data.
  • Use an USB cable that is of high-quality because it has to sustain the data transfer needed to complete this operation.
  • Also remember to keep your Android device is a fixed position during the installation process.
  • Charge the battery of your cell phone to avoid any kind of shut down that may lead to errors.
  • Just to be safe from errors once more, make sure that you disable any antivirus software running during the installation.

Remember that the installer is available only for devices which are officially supported, If you want to install an official CyanogenMod build, you will have to download the app through Google Play, which is a Windows based app currently compatible with windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Then, you simply have to follow the steps that will be shown on the screen f your Android device and the operation should be pretty smooth from that point on.

For those of you who are using computer based on either Linux or OS X operating system, we still bring good news: the development of an installer compatible with these operating systems is in progress.

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