Social Media to Influence your Business

Social media has plenty to offer your business in terms of promotion of your brand and thus more brand awareness, seals lead generation, and even search engine optimization. While not a direct channel for sales, your social media accounts can support and promote your ecommerce efforts by assisting with promotion, brand awareness, trust, loyalty, and also by providing you with valuable insights as to who’s following you and what people are saying about you.

Brand awareness via social media promotion is accomplished simply by branding your pages so that they look very similar to your website. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, and all of the other social media networks out there allow you to customize your page’s header image (often referred to as a banner or cover art) as well as your personal profile picture, and by choosing the same imagery that you use on your website, you’ll create brand awareness and recognition.

Consumers who may not be familiar with your brand may learn about you from followers of yours that are friends of theirs; or if you choose to promote Facebook posts or Twitter tweets, you’ll show up in their timeline if their published content is relevant to yours.

Those consumers who may not be familiar with you and thus may hesitate to make a purchase can be assured by your reputation on Facebook and other social networks that you are in fact a decent company whom others would recommend. And those customers who are happy with your services may become loyal customers, simply due to the fact that you are available online to interact with.

The great thing about today’s website and ecommerce platforms is that social media integration is almost always included. If not, you can include it with the use of a few simple lines of code, or “plugins” offered by popular content management systems. When used in conjunction with your other search engine optimization efforts, social media has the power to provide you with valuable insights, and help you obtain your ideal ranking. This may be a time-consuming endeavor, but it has a very promising pay-off.

Why A Good Online Presence Is An Important Thing To Have

I have noticed in our local Cornish news of late just how many articles relate to charitable activities and organisations which need new members or help with things. I have also seen businesses closing because of the costs of things like business premises and people not using them. In this day and age it is of huge benefit to local businesses and organisations in and around Cornwall to have some sort of online presence.


Good Marketing:

If people are not aware of what it is that something or someone can offer them, then how can they possibly frequent that business or attend that event? Getting the word out there is an important part of local business practice these days. If done correctly and by experienced people, business can be driven in the right direction, sales increased and membership numbers added to. For businesses based in and around Cornwall, web design is important to get right. A good site can be used for multiple purposes and linking that into things like social media can make marketing painless and afford good results. Speaking to people with experience such as Spring Media Web Design is important so that you can understand just what you can gain from a good website.

Give Yourself Options:

Having an online presence can give you alternative ways of providing services to visitors. Businesses who sell product have the ability to have both a physical premise from which to work and an online shop. Indeed many businesses these days only have an online shop to work from due to the cost savings that this gives them. No rent, no bills, no other overheads. It is very tempting, and if done well can be a lucrative alternative. The other good thing about online shops is that they are not limited by geography.

Make it Enticing:

People are attracted to offers where they feel as if they are gaining something for nothing. In order to have a website that is inviting to your visitors and will persuade them to spend money with you it will be necessary to understand their needs. Talking to someone who has a good understanding of web design and marketing will enable you to make the most of the services that you have to offer and help to attract people to any organisations which you may wish to promote. If you do not understand your market, then you will not be able to build an appealing website, regardless of how technically good it is.

It is important to research and plan any new business venture. Creating a good online presence and website is no different. Speak to your customers and members and get a feel for what it is that you can offer them online. I am sure that their input will open new doors.

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Top 10 SEO Plugins You should Use on Your WordPress Blog

imagesWordPress is said to be the best platform for blogging both in terms of usability and search engine optimization. Those who are new to blogging, SEO or search engine optimization is primary way to make your blog or website visible in the search engine result page (SERP). This, in turn, helps you to get more number of organic traffic to your WordPress blog. There are some plugins that will help you to make the blog rank better on Google, Bing or Yahoo even without the help of an SEO firm.

In this article we will discuss the top 10 SEO plugins for WordPress blogs, which will help you to effectively increase your visibility on the search engine result pages. And if you are not taking a help of an SEO firm, make sure you register for Google webmaster tools account and a Google analytic. These products from the search giant play a significant role in your SEO efforts. In addition, register for Bing webmaster tools if you want to optimize your WordPress blog for Bing and Yahoo.

The following are the top 10 SEO plugins you should use on your for WordPress blog:

1. All in one SEO Pack: One of the best SEO plugins, All in one SEO Pack automatically optimizes your blog/ website content. Besides, this plugin comes with various unique features such as Custom Post type, Google analytics support, Meta tag generation, and Optimizing the titles etc. All you need to do is configure it properly.

2. Google XML Sitemaps: It is essential to have a XML sitemap of your website/ blog content and Google XML Sitemaps generate one. You can use the sitemap to index your WordPress blogging search engines.

3. Keyword statistics: It helps to generate suitable keyword for your blog post automatically while writing. Keyword statistics also provides the keyword density in search engines.

4. WordPress SEO by Yoast: This is one of the most popular SEO plugins for WordPress bloggers. WordPress SEO by Yoast offers a host of features that help bloggers to write better content in terms of SEO. It allows bloggers to edit robots.txt files and .htaccess. In addition, it offers various other attractive features such as Social Integeration, RSS optimization, XML sitemaps generations and more. With the help of WordPress SEO by Yoast, you can insert the tracking code of Alexa, Google webmaster tool and Bing webmaster tool.

5. SEO friendly images: Images are important and it is essential to optimize your images. But if you are not taking services of an SEO firm tor a web design company to take care of such technicalities, it might get difficult for you. SEO friendly images is a great SEO plugin for WordPress. It helps to add “title”and “alt”tag to your images, improving your blog traffic.

6. 404 SEO Plugin: 404 error pages are also important in SEO perspective. The 404 SEO Plugin allows you to customize the 404 error page, where you can suggest related content to your readers on your blog.

7. WordPress meta robots: It helps in indexing the blog content using meta robots tags. WordPress meta robots gives you full control of the meta robots tags for each of your post and page.

8. SEO Smart Links: This links your keywords with available categories, tags, post and pages on your WordPress blog.

9. SEO slugs: With this SEO plugin you can remove words like ‘the’, ‘a’ etc from automatically generated slugs, making your SEO better.

10. WP Robots Txt: SEO firms often this plugin to edit the robots.txt file.

Author: Ronald Taylor own a website design Company in San Francisco and in his free time, Ronald loves to play guitar. Besides, Ronald is passionate about writing blogs related to SEO industry and web market.

Create Your Own Fast Easy Websites To Attract Maximum Human Traffic

imagesThe main reason to create an attractive website is to attract as much crowd as possible. You can create your own website by following some easy simple steps, but the result might not prove to be an interesting one. Therefore, the need of website designer companies is fast increasing in this modern world. They are a group of experienced website designers and developers, who are surely going to provide you with the best possible website, which will match up with your company and the kind of product and service you deal with.

More about web designing

In this fast facing world, it seems quite important to have your own online business to boost up your sale number. It is a competitive world, and here only Fast Easy Websites can earn huge amount of profit. However, it might seem to be a hard task but that it not true if you can follow some eminent steps. With the help of these websites, the navigator can easily search or browse through the official site and come across the kinds of products he is generally looking for. These sites even product all the noteworthy features and price of products to make it a handy search option for all. As people love to get everything online nowadays, therefore; make sure to present your company’s products in a crisp and perfect manner, which will readily attract them at a first go.

Inexpensive designing techniques

There are major e-commerce capabilities, which will be built in those websites. Thus, it can be stated that the entire process of making Fast Easy Websites will be quite inexpensive and affordable for all. The reliable companies always love to give extra priorities to the customers first by asking their choices. You might have to take help from professional designers for an appropriate website designing services. However, with proper guidelines you can easily make your own website, without even taking the help of any designing companies.

Features provided by companies

If you plan to take help from any reliable website designing company, then you are sure to end up with some top-notch services, which will help to boost the sales record for some profitable deals. Some of those significant services are mentioned below:

  • The entire set up process is easy to handle and can be done within few fast steps. It will help your prospective clients to navigate through the site well. You do not have to follow rigid steps in order to focus on your installation services.
  • These companies will help you to build a website online with your own specifications. You do not have to buy or download any other online software with extra money. All these will be managed and maintained by the website developers.
  • Moreover, in order to get free technical support and to know about the recent progress status, you will receive time to time calls from the professionals. If you want to make any new changes, then you have to inform that within the stipulated time period.

Make your own site

For building your own Fast Easy Websites, you have to start the process by beginning with a domain name. If you cannot find any domain name for your site, you can take the help of professionals, without spending a single penny. For the next level, you have to choose the plan and pricing services available in those online websites.

Choose your desirable template from the gallery section and then look for the specific features available. However, it is advisable to take the help of designer wizard in order to decorate your site well. Create a designer website with specific features mentioned, for a significant result at the end.

Author Bio: Mark Benson is a reliable name when it comes to designing a website properly at He has created websites for various major companies.