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Capturing Instructional Tutorials From a Computer Screen with Movavi Screen Capture Studio

One of the most common ways in which screen recording is used is to create instructional tutorials – and for good reason. Simply put if you want to guide users through a certain set of instructions involving a software, digital product, or anything else on your computer – what better way than by recording footage of your screen that shows you performing each instruction.


If you want to learn how to make a tutorial in this fashion, the first thing you’ll need is Movavi Screen Capture Studio. As you can guess it will act as a screen recorder and allow you to record the footage that you need, but it can also capture videos from other sources and has the editing tools you’ll require to piece it all together and make it look good.


The first thing you should do is launch Movavi Screen Capture Studio and decide what type of footage you wish to record. If you want to record footage from a computer screen you should click ‘Record screen’ then define the capture area and adjust the other parameters according to your needs. On the other hand you could opt to record video footage from other sources such as your webcam, AVCHD camera, or even by digitizing footage from VHS tapes or TV tuners.


In any case once you have the footage that you require, the next step is to use the built-in editor available in Movavi Screen Capture Studio to piece it together. If you recorded multiple clips you can compile them in the editor, while also trimming out any unwanted footage, improving the video quality, or fixing common issues.


After that you can focus on making your video look good – and Movavi Screen Capture Studio has no shortage of options on that front either. With its features you can apply special effects and filters, add audio tracks as background music or a voiceover, insert captions, include animated transitions, and much more.


All in all you should be starting to see how you could piece together a fairly impressive instructional tutorial with Movavi Screen Capture Studio. When you’re done you can save it in a format of your choosing, or use the presets that are available to automatically optimize it for any device or platform. In fact the presets will also help if you want to share your tutorials online, as they cater to social media and online video sharing platforms as well.

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