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African Americans and the Role They Play in Business

A lot of people who know of wealthy African Americans think of those in the entertainment industry. People like Morgan Freeman, Will Smith, and Rihanna, for instance, are known the world over. But African Americans also have a huge presence in the world of business. They seem to be incredibly multifaceted, and they see every achievement as a stepping stone towards the next one. Take the following three incredibly wealthy and powerful African American leaders as an example.

1. Charles Phillips – Infor CEO

Charles Phillips was born to a military family and joined the military himself. While in the Airforce, he obtained his BS in Computer Sciences, before moving on to becoming Captain in the U.S. Marine Corps, where he obtained an MBA. He then completed a JD and became involved on Wall Street, taking up a position at Morgan Stanley, where he became Managing Director. From there, he become President of Oracle and now, finally, CEO of Infor. Under Charles Phillips Infor has grown to one of the three largest companies of its kind in the country. Aside from all this experience and work, Phillips and his wife have also set up a philanthropic foundation through which they aim to help disadvantaged communities.

2. Sean Combs

Sean Combs is also known as Puff Daddy, Puffy, P. Diddy, and Diddy. He is one of the most successful and richest figures in hip hop, and he really seems to be untouchable to the world. But he came, himself, from humble beginnings in the Projects and he remembers his roots. He is now the CEO of Sean John Clothing and Bad Boy Entertainment. He works as a producer, recording executive, entrepreneur, and actor, while still also remembering his first work, being that of a rapper. He is another example of someone who took charge of their own destiny.

Sean Carter

Sean Carter is known to most as Jay-Z, and he is another example of how hip hop and rap has shaped our world and community. The music industry has produced some of the wealthiest people of all times, but also some of the best stories. Jay-Z, another highly inspirational rapper, also came from the Projects, a particularly impoverished one. Today, he is the CEO of Roc Nation and he is believed to be worth some $450 million. Plus, he is married to Beyonce, arguably the hottest female singer (African American herself) of all times. There is even a rumor that they intend to shoot their own music video, and that it will be shot from space!

African Americans in this country have had a difficult time and they face a number of very specific challenges. But the people above show that, through hard work and determination, things can change. While two did gain their real fortunes in the entertainment industry, many are making a difference in very other fields as well. Take, for instance, Xerox, which is under the leadership of Ursula Burns, an African American woman who started at the company as an intern.

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