Why Tech Is Dominating M&A in 2016

Lately, more and more tech companies have started to evaluate different opportunities through the route of mergers and acquisitions (M&As) to improve and accelerate their company’s growth and performance. A Little Background M&As are transactions in which a company’s ownership is transferred or combined to maximize profit, acquire skills and technology, reduce risk and develop […]

The Importance of Online Payment Options to Business Websites

As telecommunication expands and our world is increasingly surrounded by the internet of things, the ease of electronic online payment systems becomes more important than ever. While at the turn of the 21st century simply having a website was needed for any viable business, today having a payment portal has become as important as having […]

Tailoring Your Business to Meet Your Public’s Needs

Today’s business market is increasingly mobile and easy to access. People no longer have to drive and wait in lines to be served. They can access their favorite companies now by using their mobile devices. When you want to join the mobile arena, it is important that you tailor your company’s apps and website to […]

The Value of Online Reputations

There was a time when simply providing great service, a handshake and a smile would create a great reputation for a business. This reputation would ‘spread around’ town, and the business would develop a loyal customer base and grow. Unfortunately, managing a company’s online reputation has become much more complex. Many smaller companies outsource this […]

Free Online Marketing Options You Have Access To Now

We live in a world in which it is not enough to have an online web presence in order to be successful. Obviously, developing a really good site is vital but you need to work really hard to promote that site. If nobody sees it, profit will not be generated. The bad news is that […]

5 Most Dangerous Internet Threats and How to Mitigate Them

With an increase in the cybercrimes, particularly those targeting kids, the idea of a safer internet has started to seem nothing more than wishful thinking. Being parents, it is your responsibility to make sure kids are safe online, but that is only possible if you are fully aware of the threats cyberspace poses to kids. […]

How to Write Ad Copy that converts!

Consumers face hundreds of ads every day, everywhere they go: online, on the radio, in the papers, on TV and with the rise of ambient media even on the back of toilet doors! So, the golden question, how as advertisers can we create cut through, engage consumers and write copy that really converts? A Killer […]