What’s Cheaper UPS Or USPS?

The best thing about using a shipping service you can trust is the fact that you know you are getting a great deal every single time you send something using their service. It is an unfortunate fact of life that we have to send items to different people around the United States. Whether you are […]

SiteLock and WordPress – A Match Made in Heaven

WordPress, a free and open-source content management system, is one of the most popular online platforms. It is used for various purposes, with blogging and e-commerce as the two biggest. It is thus not surprising that malicious hackers tend to target websites that are using the WordPress system, since there are just so many of […]

Your Office Design Matters – Here’s Why

Cool office spaces are all the rage lately. But it seems to be more than just a fashion. Research has demonstrated that the way an office looks really does affect productivity. Of course, some have taken it too far. If you Google images for ‘coolest offices’, you will see one thing after another, one more […]

African Americans and the Role They Play in Business

A lot of people who know of wealthy African Americans think of those in the entertainment industry. People like Morgan Freeman, Will Smith, and Rihanna, for instance, are known the world over. But African Americans also have a huge presence in the world of business. They seem to be incredibly multifaceted, and they see every […]

African American Charles Phillips Is One of the Top Tech Leaders

Charles Phillips, an African American, has recently been name one of the top tech leaders in the world. In fact, Charles Phillips CEO of Infor came third in a 46 people list, superseded only by World Wide Technology’s David Steward and Apple’s Denise Young Smith. About Charles Phillips Charles Phillips is known to be incredibly […]

Increasing Company Profits With PPC Management

Pay per click management stands out as a really interesting opportunity for businesses that want to increase the profits that they make on a monthly basis. We are talking about a great way to reach brand new clients. As you surely expect, this is an internet marketing type that will allow placing a website higher […]

PokemonGo Players Should Buy an iphone 6 case

With the new PokemonGo craze sweeping the world, players of the mobile app should invest in a strong and durable phone case for their iPhone 6s; iphone 6 cases are good for any player attempting to earn their title as a Pokemon Master. It is inherent that players of the popular PokemonGo app will eventually find themselves […]

Do it Right- Hire an AV Team for Your Business

Imagine the following scenario: After a great tour with potential clients at the corporate headquarters of RegreTech Corp., they were just about to close a fantastic deal. All that remained was a live demonstration of their new, unreleased software product. Sales, engineering, support, and executives from RegreTech all gathered in that crowded meeting room, anxious […]

Intertwining SEO and Social Media

The terms social media and SEO have been circulating on the online world lately. Some social media experts even insisted that these two are connected. Business owners have also bought this notion and have been using SEO strategies in their social media marketing. The more you understand about this concept and the importance of their […]

Prepare your Business for the Possibilities of 5G Networking

Each new wave of technology brings with it an array of fresh opportunities for businesses. The launch of 4G networks meant that online businesses could reach out to consumers via mobile websites and apps to a degree that was not possible in the past. Online service have become faster, more streamlined, and more accessible. So […]